WELCOME to Atlas Transfer Printers

Atlas specialise in printing high quality dye sublimation transfer papers for the narrow fabrics industry. We work in close partnership with leading narrow fabric manufacturers around the world.


Our transfer papers provide an extremely cost effective branding, colouring and decoration solution for a wide range of synthetic narrow width products such as packaging ribbons, underwear elastics, clothing tapes, security barriers, military and industrial webbings, lanyards and sports trimmings.


With our expansion into bigger premises, and investment in more equipment, we are able to provide an even more cost effective, high speed turnaround of our transfer papers. We also provide custom heat transfer printing onto fabrics should this service be required.

Atlas Who are we



Atlas Transfer Printers Ltd was founded in 1994 and is based in Leicester, the UK central hub of printing and textiles. Over the years, Atlas has invested in state of the art equipment to reinforce our position as the quality market leader in sublimation transfer papers and narrow fabric heat transfer printing. We have staff that have spent their whole working lives in the dye sublimation industry and are experts in their field.


Our sublimation transfer papers are produced in roll form on narrow web flexographic presses as well as on our digital machines. We also operate Bates transfer calendar machines for applying these prints onto fabric.


Atlas specialise in the supply of dye sublimation transfer papers and in-house narrow fabric printing to manufacturers of: RIBBONS, ELASTICS, WOVEN LABELS, SPORTS TRIMS, BRACES, LANYARDS, BELTS, LACES, TAPES and WEBBINGS.


Together with high volume production we also carry out prototyping short run and design/product development for companies and we are accustomed to working with national and international brands under non-disclosure agreements.


We currently work with narrow fabric manufacturers around the world and our products are used by many notable companies including: Reebok, Puma, Quiksilver, Victoria Secret, Hummel, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Adidas, Nike, Hello Kitty and many more!



Atlas produce +/- 500,000 metres of transfer print paper per month and commission print +/- 100,000 metres of fabric per month in varying widths. A small but growing percentage of this is digitally produced.


As the transfer paper market has matured and new technologies have arrived there remains a lot of mis-information about transfer paper production. The most notable is the difference in volume and price between traditional ‘flexo’ papers and the newer digital papers.


Excluding capital costs and overheads, digital paper production has an almost flat line production cost due to the time it takes to produce the paper and the cost of materials. In comparison, our traditional flexographic paper costs reduce significantly with volume which makes it cost effective for us to supply large quantities of printed paper around the world.

How It Works


Transfer printing is generally a ‘value add’ process enabling narrow fabric manufacturers to add high quality customer’s logos, designs and colours to a base fabric. The finished item is both durable and permanent. The transfer printing process onto fabric is simple and waste is virtually eliminated because, unlike other print processes, the problems of printing the design correctly (i.e. colour registration) are removed by the transfer paper manufacturer.


Sublimation transfer printing is a technique that uses heat reactive inks to print into the surface of fabrics. Using heat, pressure and time the inks turn into a gas and migrates from the paper into the fabric becoming part of the structure of the material. The finished print will not fade or crack even after multiple washings and heavy use.

Our sublimation transfer dyes are specifically formulated for 100% polyester fabric. They will work on other synthetic and synthetic mix fabrics but DO NOT work on natural fabrics.


The transfer papers are applied to fabric using a rotary calendar machine through which a number of fabric ‘ends’ can be printed at the same time.

Main advantages:

  • Low Capital investment compared to other printing processes
  • No auxiliary equipment or finishing required
  • Small operating floor space required
  • No pollution or effluents
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Clean process with limited machine maintenance
  • Ability to respond quickly to clients demand
  • Fast change over from design to design on the Rotary heat Press
  • A viable alternative to dyeing for short runs


Our specialist paper production is incorporated in many areas of domestic, industrial and promotional textile use and we work with a mixture of narrow fabric manufactures and end users. Our transfer paper and in house fabric printing is used for fashion and sportswear tapes, elastics and labels, promotional products, corporate branding, queueing systems and camouflage straps for the military.


We also supply solid colour papers known as flood coat (Uni-paper) used for the dyeing of fashion labels and creation of bespoke colours on narrow fabrics.


Perfect long-lasting products for extreme conditions

Our printing process achieves the most durable, hard wearing print possible. Our transfer papers when applied onto a polyester webbing give the highest light/wash/rub fastness levels, giving a perfect product for the extreme conditions for a theatre of combat. We have many camouflage designs that can be colour matched to a customer’s specification. If you have a new design that is not in our camouflage range we have no problem in creating this for you.

Queuing Barriers

Intricate designs, long repeat lengths and short print runs

Atlas Transfer has been involved in printed barriers for the last 20 years. With our investment into digital paper printing equipment we now have more options for intricate designs, long repeat lengths and short runs more suited for the barrier industry. We hold stock of plain webbing ready for your designs if you are unable to supply your own.

Fashion & Sportswear

High end products for high end consumers.

Our papers and services are widely used within the fashion and sportsware
industries producing fine detailed colourful designs onto a variety of trimmings including elastic, rigid and stretch tapes. Much of this is colour co-ordinated branding and logos on all types of narrow fabrics. Our print application gives high levels of colour and wash fastness perfect for the fashion and sportsware industries. Underwear elastics, bra straps, waistbands, woven labels and trimmings can all be colour co-ordinated using heat transfer papers.

Other Applications

Decorative & Branding


From consumer packaging for confectionary, cosmetics and jewellery to gift ribbons for florists and hair accessories. Decorative transfer papers are a significant value add process for narrow fabric manufacturers.

Labels & Colour Wash


Many million woven labels are coloured every year using our process. We work with manufacturers around the world to create consistent colouring label after label.

Still not found what you were looking for?


Our print process can be, and is, used in many other applications. If you require something that has not been shown on this site, or you have any questions regarding what we do. please contact us, as we are sure we can help you.

Atlas Processes

Design Studio


Our studio has over 25 years experience in the dye sublimation industry, working with many high profile companies and brands…

Colour Matching


Working with a small number of base dyes our colourists will match your designs onto your fabric…

Transfer Printing


Unlike other print processes, transfer paper delivers very low rates of waste because the setup is done by us and avoided by you…




Before transfer printing can take place a number of fabrics, especially elastics, need to be heat set as this removes shrinkage and stabilises them for printing…

Heat Transfer


We commission print transfer papers onto our customer’s fabrics using batch to batch colour records…

Digital Sublimation


We operate a number of digital machines for specialist short run work, intricate multi colour work and long design repeat lengths…

Atlas The professionals




Managing Director and founder of Atlas Transfer. Eric has spent 35 years in international sales, much of this in narrow fabric and transfer paper markets.




Print production, especially uni-papers. Paul has spent 28 years in sublimation printing and narrow fabric printing.

What You Can Expect From Us


We work hard to go above and beyond the call of duty. We understand most production is time critical, no order is too small or too large. The equipment we have in house is capable of producing all volumes of production to lead-times that you require.


Experience and Solutions
A combined total of over 100 years experience is at your disposal. Our aim is to realise your designs, colours, styles and brands in the most cost effective manner.


Personal Contact and Expert Advice
Much of our business is based on long term partnerships where we become an extension of your company providing a full sub contract design, print and finish solution. This is achieved by understanding your business, your needs and your schedules.


Commercial Secrecy, Prototyping and Design Development
We carry out prototyping, design and product development for many of our customers. Our existing customers understand that we take this responsibility very seriously. For new customers we often work with non disclosure agreements as it is essential that information is shared to ensure the product development is correct.


Order Management
Our responsibility is to ensure that you receive exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Forecasting, production planning, holding stock and call off orders are all standard.


Printing & Finishing (qty)
Our in-house transfer printing means that we take responsibility for your fabric. We will notify you of any issues in the material handling and performance that might affect an order. Our aim is to minimise waste and endeavour to meet required quantities at all times.


Your business is appreciated… always.

Contact and where to find us

Atlas Transfer Printers Limited

Unit 1, Brook Street, Syston, Leicester, LE7 1GD

Telephone: 0116 231 4500